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2021 SFPA Poetry Contest and Bonus Halloween Poem

Happy October and happy Halloween/Samhain to those of you who are celebrating this year! I have some publishing updates to share, including one that is aptly themed for the season.

My speculative/scifi poems “Docking on Phobos” and “Fireflies in Retrograde” were recently announced as second and third place winners in the long category of the 2021 SFPA Poetry Contest!

A huge and heartfelt thank you goes out to this year’s contest judge, Sheree Renée Thomas, for the time and attention she gave to my work and the work of everyone else that entered this year’s contest. I have loved reading speculative/scifi work for many years but didn’t have the confidence to try writing it myself until recently, and her encouragement means the world — I am honored that she had such confidence in my writing and am grateful for the kind and thoughtful comments she provided alongside my winning poems.

Another heartfelt thank you is also due for Josh Brown, the contest chair, for all his hard work behind the scenes keeping the contest running smoothly. I’m so excited to be included in this year’s lineup and can’t wait to read the other winning entries! Thank you, again, to everyone who helped bring this contest together!

In other publishing news, I have a Halloween-themed poem featured as part of this year’s SFPA Halloween Poetry Reading. My poem “Witching Hour in the Suburbs” originally appeared in Circe’s Cauldron in 2019 as a devotional poem to Hekate, queen of witches, and now has been reincarnated alongside other Halloween-y poems as a live audio recording. If you love Halloween and spooky poems, I highly recommend going over to the SFPA’s website and giving this year’s Halloween lineup a listen! Halloween is my favorite time of the year, and I am loving hearing everyone read their poems out loud in campfire style.

Until next time…have a safe and happy October/Halloween/Samhain!



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